PetProject.HK, Relaunched: New Features
PetProject.HK, Relaunched: New Features

PetProject.HK, Relaunched: New Features

“I constantly remind our employees to be afraid, to wake up every morning terrified.  Not of our competition, but of our customers.”

-  Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder & CEO

We’re very excited to announce the 2019 relaunch of PetProject.HK, with the following customer-friendly features:

There’s still lots to do, and things are far from perfect.  Which is why, over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting more blogs to introduce you to each new feature in more detail, to ask for your feedback, and to make sure you remember to test them out - of course with “treats” (read: promos, giveaways, and discounts)!

As always, if you have any questions about any of these features, or want to give us any feedback (good or bad), just reply to us through this e-mail or drop us a whatsapp on 5600 8648. After all, to quote Jeff Bezos, we’re terrified* of you!

*in a cute, cuddly way, with droopy ears, like your dog when he’s pooped on the carpet and knows he shouldn’t…

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