Looking For Pet-Sitters in Hong Kong?

Looking For Pet-Sitters in Hong Kong?

As pet owners ourselves, we understand the struggle of balancing work, social activities and wanting to provide the best for our beloved pets. While we always try our best to prioritize our pets, sometimes other commitments get in the way, such as a big workload, business trips, or vacations. Being a good pet owner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything, sometimes it’s understanding that it’s okay to get some extra help! To make your life easier, PetProject.HK would like to introduce you to Pet Sitting Diary, one of the Hong Kong’s best pet sitting service companies. 

Established in 2016, Pet Sitting Diary aims to provide the best care to pets when their owners are busy - be it with work or life in general! Treating your pet’s comfort as their top priority, Pet Sitting Diary advocates for taking care of pets at the pet’s home, as that guarantees the pet’s quality of life and helps them relax. By doing so, this minimizes scary or stressful change for your pets, which in turn allows you to relax! Pet Sitting Diary upholds their high-quality service by customizing tailor-made plan for each pet, ensuring that your pet is under all-rounded care. Their pet sitting service is available for dogs, cats, and different types of small animals.  

On top of pet sitting services, Pet Sitting Diary also offers Dog Training Service for dogs with behavioural issues.  

For more information, please see their website.

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