Urine Off - VET Cat & Kitten Stain & Odor Sprayer Remover - 500ML

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Urine Off Veterinary Cat & Kitten concentrated formulation eliminates all urine odors, tackling high-protein cat diets that create pungent smelling urine. It eliminates both fresh and old urine stains and odors (even years old!) Our cat formula has a higher viscosity formula that better adheres to vertical surfaces where cats have sprayed on walls, furniture or upholstery. Works on previously soiled areas to eliminate markers that tend to attract cats back to the same spot. Veterinary strength Urine Off is formulated to destroy urine, permanently removing urine from all hard and soft surfaces. Urine Off is the #1 Veterinarian Recommended Odor and Stain Remover in the USA, and is used and recommended by veterinarians worldwide. When asked for help with inappropriate urination, veterinarians rely on Urine Off.

Urine Off eliminates all types of urine and odor stains: 

Eliminates all urine - even cat urine
Removes even old urine stains
Works on Hardwood, Carpet, Concrete, Tile, Fabric and More!

Product description:

Urine Off is safe and easy to use - just spray generously and let it dry. Urine Off must come into contact with ALL of the urine, so absorbant surfaces like carpet, furniture and mattresses need a good soaking.

Many other odor removing products mask the odor temporarily. Urine-Off works by breaking down the chemicals in urine, to eliminate it completely.
Urine-Off Directions

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