Ecuphar - Lysine Aid Gel - 50ML

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Lysine Aid is an L-Lysine supplement to aid the management of Feline Herpes (FHV-1) in kittens and cats. Lysine administration can help inhibit replication of the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) and can be used to aid management of FHV-1 infection.

Feline rhinotracheitis virus (feline herpesvirus type 1 or FHV-1) causes acute respiratory illness known as rhinotracheitis (or feline herpesvirus infection). The virus affects domestic and wild cats worldwide. FHV-1 is the most common world-wide feline viral infection, affecting an estimated fifty per cent of household cats.

L-Lysine, a key component of Lysine Aid, is an important trace element in protein and an important nutrient for metabolism. It can effectively absorb enough calcium for cats and maintain the balance of nitrogen, helping to produce antibodies, hormones, enzymes and the like to make collagen and repair cell tissues, to help growth and skeletal development, to improve sneezing and eye infections Inflammation and other symptoms.


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