Beaphar - Lactol Infant Milk Formula for Kittens - 250G (Min. 6 Boxes)

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Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk is a complete milk replacement feed for new-born and orphaned kittens which has saved the lives of countless young animals.
Beaphar Lactol has a superior amino acid content and is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, providing a perfectly balanced complete feed. Made from easily digested whey products it closely resembles natural queens milk. Ultra-filtration concentrates the proteins, and a slow drying process during production preserves the protein molecules, making it more nutritionally valuable.
Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which has been shown to help cognitive development and visual acuity.
Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk can also be used for weaning kittens, pregnant or lactating queens and sick or convalescing animals.

Prepare the milk as indicated on the packaging and feed with a nursing bottle.

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