Zealandia - Beef Grain Free Dog Canned Food - 185g

SKU 5595

We source only the finest pet ingredients from across New Zealand to ensure that your pet has the highest quality of nutrition. All our products are natural, ethically sourced and include functional ingredients beneficial for optimal health such as Coenzyme Q1 and Green-Lipped Mussel Extract.

Made from ethically sourced New Zealand beef, this food is natural, containing no artificial preservatives, vaccines or growth hormones. Zealandia products are designed to be functional and beneficial to a dog's health. Plus they are easily digestible, with a high palatability factor. Available in 185g & 39g cans, available at selected pet shops, vet surgeries, and garden centres nationwide.

  1. Ingredientsí«ÌÎ_Beef; Meat,Heart,Liver & Kidneys [45%], Lamb Tripe [32%]; Carrot/Peas/Potato/Apple [16%], Flaxseed Oil, Vegetable Gums, Cassia, Vitamins and Organic Chelated Minerals, Green-Lipped Mussel Powder, Taurine, Coenzyme Q1.
  2. Quantityí«ÌÎ_185g & 39g cans
  3. Suitable Agesí«ÌÎ_All
  4. Suitable Sizesí«ÌÎ_All
  5. Suitable Breedsí«ÌÎ_All
  6. Moistureí«ÌÎ_78.5%
  7. Crude Proteiní«ÌÎ_9.1%
  8. Crude Fatí«ÌÎ_4.2%
  9. Crude Ashí«ÌÎ_1.5%
  10. Crude Fibreí«ÌÎ_.4%