TrueBlue - Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray, 8.7 Oz

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  • Fresh-in-a-Flash Cleansing Spray - With grapefruit and chamomile

    We all know that sometimes your dog gets a little smelly and dirty, but it’s not a good time for a bath…Now you can easily clean and condition your pet’s coat, while leaving it smelling grapefruit fresh.

    Use our spray as often as you like with no build-up, ever! Grapefruit cleans without stripping while Chamomile adds sheen to the coat.

    • Grapefruit cleans without stripping beneficial natural oils
    • Chamomile adds sheen to the coat.


  • Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Naturally Derived Cleansers and Conditioners, Grapefruit Fragrance (essential oil blend), Naturally Derived Preservatives, Glycerin, Lavender, Horsetail Extract, Chamomile, Green Tea, and Citric Acid.

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