Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

SKU 5711
elp keep your cats or dogs healthy and active! Use Motion apps to set daily goals, and get detailed statistics about your pets activity and surroundings. - Activity Tracking: Track your pets activity 24/7 - Statistics: Record when your pet was lazy, active or dynamic - Daily Activity Goal: Monitor daily goal and progress towards it - Ambiance: Collect daily temperature and ambient light data - Badges: Badges for achievements and rare events - Leaderboard: Compare your pet with your friends or worldwide - 1% Waterproof: Take your pet for a swim with MOTION! - Wireless sync: Bluetooth Low Energy - Smartphone Apps: Free iOS / Android apps - Fee: No monthly fees - Warrantyí«̴Ìà__6 months / After warranty registration on 1 year Please contact manufacturer for warranty and technical support. This product is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. *Expect delivery after August 15 215*