PoochPad - Indoor Potty Replacement Reusable Pad - Small 18" x 18"

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PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Systems are patent pending designs that are ideal for house training and long term pup stain and odor management. Features PoochTurf synthetic grass with RAPID FLOW DRAINAGE. Dog owners have the option of using the self-contained unit as purchased, or for easy cleaning adding PoochPad brand absorbent reusable or disposable pads. Indoor Turf Dog Potty CLASSIC includes 1 tray and 1 grass mat.

Add a second reusable pad for your Indoor Turf Dog Potty PLUS, CLASSIC or TRAVELER so you always have a fresh and clean pad while another is drying after cleaning. All replacement pads are guaranteed reusable for up to 300+ washer cycles.

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