PetzUp - Lingzhi Formula - 60 Capsules

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Note: This Item Is No Longer Available. Looking for something like this in a rush? Check Out Gallop 騰泰堂 Ganoderma Amboinense 寵芝靈.
  • PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is a Chinese herbal supplement scientifically formulated for old and aging dogs. It contains Lingzhi Polysaccharides which can promote metabolism, eliminate free radicals inside the dog´s body and regulate canines´ bodily functions. The accumulation of free radicals will damage the body cells and accelerate the aging process. The Lingzhi Polysaccharides act by inhibiting the growth of these damaging free radicals, thereby restoring the internal system and slowing down the aging process.

    PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs can also :
    Improve blood circulation and maximize oxygen-carrying level of blood cells
    Enhance immunity
    Repair damaged cells, restore normal bodily functions and internal homeostasis of various systems
    Help calm dogs´ nerves, improve quality of sleep and appetite
    Improve aging symptoms such as amnesia, delayed response, sudden change in body weight, etc. Maintain good health of your lovely dog by preventing the early onset of aging symptoms
PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is the only Lingzhi product specially formulated for the benefits of dogs. Its newly developed formula has been researched and proven to suit the unique digestive system of dogs, therefore beneficial for the absorption of the active ingredients of Lingzhi, resulting in an overall stronger immune system and prevent the early onset of diseases in aging dogs. Continuous consumption brings health, spirit, vitality and longevity to your lovely dog. Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is made from natural Lingzhi and has obtained safety certificates of microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides and toxicity from the worldly-renowned independent testing laboratory SGS (HK) Ltd. Product safety and reliability are therefore guaranteed. It is ideal for senior dogs or dogs with aging symptoms. PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is the perfect health supplement for your dogs. Though aging is a normal process of life, if we can give proper attention and take preventive measure to protect our loved dogs, they could live longer, healthier and happier. Ingredients: Natural Lingzhi, Meat & Bone Meal Dosage: Small Breed (1-5kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg): 1 capsule daily Large Breed (above 15kg): 2 capsules daily Directions: 1) Put the capsule directly into the dog´s mouth OR 2) Pull open the capsule and mix the granules inside with food OR 3) Pull open the capsule, dissolve the granules into water (6cc approx) using the enclosed measuring cup and feed with syringe. Packing: 60 capsules / bottle, net weight 20.4g (Syringe and measuring cup enclosed) Storage: Keep in a cool dry place

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