Pet Head - Furtastic Creme Rinse for Curly/Long Coats 475ml

SKU 4919
  • CrÌ_Ìâme Rinse for curly and long coats
  • Comes in a 475 ml bottle
  • Being able to brush out your dog after bath time is absolutely furtastic!
  • This deep conditioning crÌ_Ìâme rince combines emollients and moisturizing agents to deliver a tangle-free soft , silky coat.
  • Oat Protein: Nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft, and leaves the coat fuller and healthier.
  • Cactus Extract: Helps maintain moisture and provides added elasticity and luster to the coat.
  • Calendula Extract: Helps restore softness and vitality of the coat while soothing the skin.
  • All Pet Head‰ۡóÁí£̴å¢ formulas are pH adjusted and free of paraben, petroleum derivatives, sulfate and DEA.
  • To Use:

Wet the coat completely with warm water.

Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail.

Lather well into coat.

Avoid eyes and ears.

Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.