Nandi - Jerky Dog Treats - Bushveld Venison - 150G

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Nandi Bushveld Venison is sustainably sourced from free-roaming antelope herds, including Impala. Impala are the fast food of the African bushveld. This isn’t just because they are born runners, but also because they’re incredibly numerous, making them a favourite meal for wild dogs and cats. We’re confident our delicious Venison treats will soon become a favourite snack for your dog too.

Ingredients: Venison Meat, Vegetable Glycerine, Vegetable Fibre (Pea), Vinegar, Molasses, Salt, Spice, Antioxidants (Rosemary and Rooibos Extracts)

Nutritional Analysis %

Crude Protein (min) 20,5
Crude Fat (min) 2,9
Moisture (max) 35,2
Fibre (max) 3,9
Caloric Content (kcals) 3080

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