Nandi - Freeze-Dried Treats - Nguni Beef - 57G

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For hundreds of years, the physical and emotional well-being of the Zulu people and their Nguni cattle herds have been closely linked. Different cattle are given poetic names chosen for their unique hide patterns. Names like amaqand akahuye (“the eggs of the lark”) and inkomo eyezindlu (“the homely cow”). At Nandi, we know you care about your pet deeply and we care just as much, which is why we only work with farmers who share our values.

Ingredients: Beef Organ Meat
Crude Protein (min) 61,2
Crude Fat (min) 24,4
Moisture (max) 5,0
Fibre (max) 1,78
Caloric Content (kcals/kg) 4900

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