Fundle Petsling Original - Small Size - Beige

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  • Outer Fabric : Poly Inner
  • Fabric : Cotton
  • Size (cm):í«ÌÎ_W43 * H23 * L 17


1. Wide Padded Shoulder Strap

Ultra lightweight & padded shoulder strap for your comfort

Fundle weighs only less than 7 gram. Since you wear it on your shoulder diagonally, you feel even lighter than it actually is and can do anything as both of your hands are free. In addition, our product features various functions to protect you and your pet, such as an inside safety leash snap, a wide padded shoulder strap, dual side pockets and a zippered removable cover (1/3 of the cover material is mesh for better ventilation).


2. Pipe Cushion Headrest

Fundle holds your pet exactly the same way you hold your pet. The pipe shaped cushion pads surrounding the opening are replicated human arms providing physical comforts as well as psychological security. Your pet feels like being held in your arm while resting his/her chin on the pads. As Fundle holds your pet close to your body, it minimizes the rocking which causes stress on your pet and provides a safe environment.


3. Soft and Slanted Floor

Fundle's scientific design induces the most comfortable sitting position for your pet. Your pet has the natural tendency to stick his/her head out from a confined space to see the outside. (eg. Car, Carrier, etc.) This behavior causes your pet to stand up in most carriers and gives unstable position to your pet. Fundle satisfies your pet's curiosity by providing an inclined bottom so that your pet can see the outside without standing up and keep the most comfortable sitting position. This patented design provides the ultimate comfort and safety to your pet!


4. Zippered Removable Cover (Half Mesh)

Safety cover is Removable & Close-able as you wish! As the cover is attached to the Fundle body with zippers, you can completely remove it. Or you can partially open it or fully closed the cover depending on the environment you and your dog are in.



5. Soft Lining / Safety Leash Snap

Soft floor, it provides your pets with feeling that you are actually holding them in your arms. They can place their front legs on the slant front floor of the carrier and take a look at surrounding environment.


6. Dual Side Pockets

Fundle has the sufficient storage space at both sides! Going out with pets is easier, since it is not required to carry another bag as a wallet and cell phone as well as diaper, feed and pet supplies can be contained in the storage space.


Refer to the size guide. Take various elements into consideration, such as your pet's weight, leg length and breed. Place a towel on the bottom of the bag for puppies lighter than 1kg. One Fundle bag can house 2 ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ__Ì_å± 3 small pets at the same time.


Hand-wash is recommended. Use a laundry net when using a laundry.


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