Ferplast - Retractable Flippy Deluxe Doggies Tape Lead (large)

SKU 3581
  • The new pet generation is here. í«ÌÎ_Ferplast creates new ideas and solutions for animal well-being and technologies that are more innovative than the others on the market, often ahead of future trends and fashions.
  • Dog lead with extending cord and patented control buttoní«ÌÎ_
  • Our extending leads Flippy Tech Cord offer the dog great freedom of movement and are suitable for many different uses: if you are walking in town, countryside or in the mountains, you will have the possibility to block cord extension at the length you desire.
  • Adjustable, Durable, Easy to Use, Lightweight, LockableSpecific Uses: Suitable for Adult pets, Daily Use, Outdoor, Anti-Anxiety and Behaviour Management, Exercising and Weight Management
  • The Flippy Tech retractable lead is suitable for all dogs weighing up to 6kg.The Cord fully extends to 6 metres.
  • Control over your dog is easy by way of the efficient one single button.