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  • Stop Repellent Spray will make pets listen and stop all their bad urinating habits. Stop Repellent Spray is an indoor and outdoor repellent spray to repel dogs and cats from peeing on certain places. It could also be used in conjunction with House-Breaking Aid when toilet-training pets.
  • As an indoor use, Stop Repellent Spray stops canines and felines from urinating on furniture, carpets, indoor plants, etc. As for the outdoors, it repels pets from peeing on bins, gates, fences, etc. Continued spraying of Stop Repellent Spray will break those nasty and annoying habits as pets will associate the smell with something unpleasant and therefore avoid the area.
  • Save yourself from the stress of disciplining your hard-headed felines and canines and feeling guilty after getting mad at them. Spare all your indoor and outdoor furniture. Toilet-train your cats and dogs the right way with Stop Repellent Spray .
  • Spray contains: methyl nonly ketone
  • Packaged in an 8.4oz (25mL) spray bottle for easy application

Directions for Use:

  • Hold the spray 3cm (1 ft) away from the area to be treated and spray liberally.
  • Repeat the application every 12 hours and after rain until undesirable habits are broken.

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