Aristopet - Bleeding Control Styptic Powder

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  • Aristopet's Anti-Mating spray masks the attractant odours of dogs in season, deterring the obvious result....
  • Easy to use 125ml pump spray bottle, non-staining.
  • An easy to use non-staining spray to mask the attractant odours of bitched in season.
  • This spray is a deterrent only. It is not a contraceptive. Care should be taken to keep the female dog separated from male dogs.
  • The Period of Oestrus: A bitch becomes in season, oestrus, or heat at intervals of approximately six months. During this time the bitch is in a condition for breeding or mating. The first period usually occurs at the age of eight to nine months, and lasts for two to three weeks. At this time there is a swelling of the genital organs and a discharge of mucous and blood.

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