Almo Nature - Wet Cat Food - HFC Natural Light Meal - Tuna & Chicken - 4 Cans x 50G (Min. 6 Boxes)

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HFC Light Meal 50g is the “mini meal” to offer the cat every time the 70g portion is “too much” and would be wasted. All the quality of HFC ingredients originally fit for human consumption now food for cats created also for the “little eaters”, for the most demanding that like a variety of flavors during the day but also for those that for veterinary requirements must eat less. Almo Nature for the HFC Light range wanted to select 6 of your cats favorite recipes and offer them also in a reduced format. Convenient packs of 4 50g tins.


100% HFC
Meat and fish originally fit for human consumption and now used in this food for cats.

Gluten Free
No-gluten recipes.

Ingredients: Chicken broth 43%, chicken 35%, tuna 20%, rice 2%.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein  12,5%
Crude fat  0,6%
Crude ash  1%
Moisture  85%
Crude fibre  0,1%
Energy  607 kcal/kg

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