Almo Nature - Orange Label Dry Cat Food - Sardines - 750G

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Almo Nature Orange Label Dry is a highly palatable and digestible dry food for cats. This is due to the high percentage of fresh meat as well as meal meat in Almo Nature Orange Label. Only animal proteins are used and not vegetable ones as cats are carnivores. Orange Label Dry is also free from any artificial chemicals, flavourings or preservatives. It is ideal for indoor, sterilised/castrated cats, fussy cats or overweight cats. Available in a smaller size bag to allow a mix and match approach to feeding cats and in line with Almo Natures Nutritional Advice to feed cats a mixture of wet and dry food as well as mix the flavours.


Sardine - 1%; Fresh meat - 27%
Nutritional additives: Taurine - .5g/kg; carnitine - .9g/kg; vitamin D3 - 269IU/kg; Vitamin E - 135mg/kg; vitamin C -67mg/kg
Trace elements: Iron (iron oxide) - 8mg/kg; Copper - .1mg/kg; Zinc (Zinc oxide) - 55mg/kg; manganese - .5mg/kg

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 35.7%
Crude fiber 1.3%
Crude oils & fat 12.1%
Crude ash 7.1%
Moisture 8%

Energy 3528 kcal/kg