Almo Nature - Chicken Fillet Canned Dog Food - 280G

SKU 5020-280g


  • Almo Nature canned food is completely natural and contains no chemical additives or preservatives.
  • It consists only of the best quality ingredients: 1% free range neat, coming from "hormone free" ranges and 1% seawater fish.
  • Thanks to its neutraceutical contents, Almo Nature prolongs your dog's life and health while offering him real pleasure during his meal times.
  • You just have to open a tin to understand the difference!
  • Premium quality wet dog food which provides natural, additive-free nutrition for your dog; naturally rich in protein and nutrients, preserved in the tasty cooking stock, easy to digest.


Chicken Fillet - Minimum 5%; Rice - Minimum 3%; Cooking Broth

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture: 83%; Raw Protein: 14%; Raw Fat: .5%; Raw Ash: 1%; Raw Fibre: .1%; Energy: 532 Kcal/Kg