Alfa Pet - Game Series Dog Treats - Venison Shin Bone - 1PC

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As this product has jerky wrapped outside, and marrow inside the bone, it is very attractive for most of dogs to chew.

This is a very chewy product designed for tough chewer, good for dental health of dogs of all kind of breeds.

Double the length of 15cm Venison Shin bone, makes this product can be really enjoyed by small dogs, as well as medium to large size dogs.

Venison shin bone is made from NZ deer. Deer raised in NZ is without antibiotics or added hormones. This is a 100% natural product with high protein. This product contains absolute NO additives and preservatives. Grain and gluten free with no added sugar or salt. Dehydrated product not oven baked, which will lock the most nutrition in.


Venison shin bone (approximately 30cm)

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