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  1. 準備採購訂單(Purchase Order)及確保貨物準時送到公司倉庫
  2. 與供應商保持良好關係、採購及篩選新產品 、建議合適的新產品給管理團隊、上載新產品到網頁
  3. 庫存管理:保持適當的存貨量、預測顧客需求、盤點存貨
  4. 客戶服務


  1. 1-2年或以上採購相關的工作經驗
  2. 高度擅於客戶服務
  3. 擅於讀寫聽中、英文


  1. 擁有在網商或初創企業工作的經驗
  2. 擅於在社交網站 (包括Facebook及Instagram) 貼文

PetProject.HK於2011年成立,是香港網上寵物食品及用品業界的先驅,並有幸在香港初創企業界獲得多項殊榮,包括由Startupshk.com頒佈的Top 10 “Start up to Watch”。PetProject.HK的使命是成為香港領先的竉物食品及用品網上商店,為顧客提供優質的服務。

PetProject.HK最近獲得香港投資集團LHT Equity Partners注資,除了在資金上得到支持外,LHT Equity Partners還在行政、會計、營銷及倉庫等方面給予全力支持,確保PetProject.HK能徹底地釋放潛力,成為香港首屈一指的寵物食品及用品網上商店。



PetProject.HK is HIRING!!!

Are you obsessed with pet health and wellness, have experience working in the pet industry in Hong Kong, and want to work with a young and ambitious team?  Look no further -- ATP Holdings Limited (holding company of PetProject.HK) is hiring a Procurement Officer!



  1. Issuing purchase orders for stock with suppliers, and ensuring they reach our warehouse on time;
  2. Maintaining relationships with suppliers, sourcing great products, assessing whether these products sell, and adding them to our website;
  3. Inventory management: maintain healthy inventory levels, forecast customer demands, coordinate regular stock take;
  4. Assisting with customer service and other ad hoc tasks as required.


You must have the following attributes and skill-sets:

  1. Ideally 1-2 years of experience in merchandising / procurement.
  2. You are obsessed with customer satisfaction and experience.
  3. You are an organized person.
  4. You are well versed in English and Chinese.

Bonus qualities:

  1. Experience working in an e-commerce / start-up environment is a plus.
  2. Well versed with social media, including Facebook and Instagram

About PetProject.HK
Founded in 2011, PetProject.HK is a pioneer in Hong Kong’s Pet E-Commerce space. It is proud to have received numerous accolades in Hong Kong’s start-up space, including being ranked as a top 10 “Start up to Watch” from PetProject.HK's mission is to be Hong Kong’s leading independent platform for selling pet foods, supplies, and accessories, with an unrelenting focus on delivering superior customer service.

PetProject.HK has recently received significant capital injection from LHT Equity Partners, a private investment group based in Hong Kong, to realize its mission. In addition to providing significant capital, LHT Equity Partners will be contributing administrative, accounting, as well as marketing and warehousing solutions to PetProject.HK to ensure it achieves its full potential as Hong Kong’s #1 pet-focused e-commerce platform.

Apply by sending your CV and expected salary to