Petzential - Wild Seal Oil (Skin & Coat Health) - 90 Softgels

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Wild seal oil 500mg EPA35mg DHA50mg DPA15mg

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Improves Skin & Coat Health

Strengthens Brain, Vision & Nervous System

Made in Canada

Under 20kgs : 1 Capsule twice a day

Over 20kgs : 2 Capsules twice a day


Petzential Wild Seal Oil Refined from Canadian Arctic Seal Oil with Natural Unsaturated Fatty Acids Omega-3,DPA,DHA及EPA,及(Qualene),can effectively protect the skin and strengthen metabolism, strengthen the function of the heart tube, maintain the elasticity of the tube and eliminate the deposition of foreign bodies .


Petzential uses GMP-certified production and packaging technology. Supplement are all imported from Canadian. All natural materials do not contain chemical preservatives.


「(Qualene)」is a precious marine biological active substance, which can increase the superoxide disproportionation (ie, SOD, an antioxidant) in the body, effectively protect the skin, and inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol and accelerate metabolism in the body.


  • Moisturizes dry skin to improve itching
  • Improve cardiovascular function and healthy growth of hair
  • Strong Anti-oxidize effect
  • Cats & Dogs


Ingredient :
Wild Seal oil: 500 mg
EPA : 35 mg
DHA : 50 mg
DPA : 15 mg

One Bottle 500 mg - 90 Capsules

Feeding Guide - Cats & Dogs
(Weight) (Daily)
< 25lb 1 Capsules
25 lb - 60lb 1 - 2 Capsules
> 60lb 2 Capsules

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