PetProject.HK Engraved Name Tags - Nickel & Silver

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Made from premium quality, our customisable tags are perfect for making sure you never lose your beloved pet! The tag comes with a detachable ring and a jewellery bag to ensure its quality. The Nick & Silver tags are available in 2 different materials and 5 different shapes.

Small Bone (up to 4 rows of text):  29mm x 22mm
Large Bone (up to 6 rows of text): 40mm x 29mm
Small Heart (up to 4 rows of text): 30mm x 29mm
Large Heart (up to 6 rows of text): 39mm x 39mm
Paw Print (up to 4 rows of text): 36mm x 35mm
Circle (up to 4 rows of text): 28mm x 24mm
Octagon (up to 4 rows of text): 25mm x 25mm

Please reply to your order confirmation email with your customised text. If you have any questions about the name tags, please whatsapp +852 5600 8648.

Name tags will be ready in 1 to 2 working days, excluding delivery.

Petproject.HK takes no responsibility for misspelled or incorrect information submitted by the purchaser.

Tag colors may vary slightly from pictures.

All letters are in CAPS, Roman characters and English only.

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