Petzential - Bilberry Extract (Eye Care) - 90 Capsules

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Bilberry Extract 60mg

Supports Eye Health

Rich in Natural Antioxidant

Promotes Circulation

Made in Canada

Under 20kgs : 1 Capsule twice a day

Over 20kgs : 2 Capsules twice a day



Petzential Bilberry Extract is ten times more potent than the average blueberry antioxidant 'anthocyanin'.


Canadian wild blueberry extract contains a variety of bioflavonoids, among which 'Anthocyanosides' is a potent natural antioxidant


Petzential uses GMP-certified production and packaging technology. Supplement are all imported from Canadian. All natural materials do not contain chemical preservatives.


「(Anthocyanosides) 」is a water-soluble pigment that changes color with the acidity and alkalinity of the cell fluid. The natural antioxidant (function is about 50 times that of vitamin E) maintains normal cell connections and promotes the flow of fine blood vessels and veins.


  • Strong Anti-oxidize effect
  • Promote visual acuity
  • Keep the eye shiny and healthy


Ingredient :

Wild blueberry

One Bottle 60 mg - 90 Capsules

Feeding Guide - Cats & Dogs
(Weight) (Daily)
< 25lb 1 Capsules
25 lb - 60lb 1 - 2 Capsules
> 60lb 2 Capsules

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