Pogi's Pet Supplies - Poop Bags - Powder Fresh Scent - 50 Packs - With 2 Dispensers

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Always be prepared with the Pogi’s Poop Bags with 2 Dispensers. Because while your neighbors might love a friendly visit from your pooch, they don’t love what he leaves behind—and so this poop bag and dispenser combo allows you to easily clean it up. Perfect for multi-dog homes, the dispensers securely attach to any leash with a metal carabiner clip, with easy-access slots that allow you to pull out the biodegradable bags one at a time. Equipped with a nine-month supply of 750 scented waste bags, the fresh powder scent masks what’s inside, while the thick, leak-proof design keeps it all inside.

Key Benefits

  • Pair of poop bag dispensers for multi-dog homes plus a 9-month supply of scented waste bags.
  • Attaches to leashes with a heavy-duty carabiner clip.
  • Features a hole to pull out potty bags one at a time, and a screw cap for easy refills.
  • Extra-large bags are leak-proof and thick to accommodate even the largest of dogs.
  • Earthy-friendly EPI technology allows the biodegradable bags to completely break down in as short as 18 months.


HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Keep out of the reach of children.

This Super Duper Pack contains 50 rolls of 15 powder fresh scented bags for a total of 750 bags and 2 dispensers – a 9+ month supply.

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