Cho & Kang - PINK "I Love Goat Milk" Chicken & Goat Milk - 15G x 4 (Min. 2 Packs)

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Goat milk is rich in high-quality water-soluble protein like albumin and globulin, which can be digested and absorbed quickly with less allergic reaction. It also consists of various nutrients like calcium, vitamin a, magnesium, potassium, iron and so on. Chogong only uses organic milk from grass-fed healthy goats.

We only use carefully selected non-antibiotic chicken breast that is animal welfare certified. “Animal Welfare Certified” refers to a breeding environment where animals can keep their natural habits and live a happy life. Chogong believes that happily bred chicken can deliver that happiness to our babies.

The carrot and broccoli in little Jeju are grown in Seongsan area of Jeju. This typical region has black soils which hold a plenty of organic contents and has good drainage which makes the ground softer and thus holding more moisture. Moreover, these local products are delivered to our facilities straight from the farms without having to be processed under mid-distributors.


Goat milk, chicken breast (animal welfare certified), carrot, broccoli

Pack of 4 sticks (15g each)


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