Papai - Chinese Herb Supplement HS2 for Skin Recovery - 500MG x 100TAB

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Increases hair growth and acceleration of skin recovery and shining fur

• Hepatoprotective, benefits gallbladder, diuresis, immune system regulation, tranquilizing, heat soothing, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-ulcer
• Relieves discomfort caused by pyoderma and atopic dermatitis
• Eliminates the stench of skin, hair loss, and increase skin resistance to pathogens

Ginseng, glycyrrhiza uralensis, atractylodes macrocephala koidz, saposhnikovia, notopterygium root, herba artemisiae capillaris, baikal skullcap root, atractylodes lancea

Chinese doctors believe that skin disease is caused by internal body heat and dampness. The main treatment should include clearing the heat and dampness accordingly. Among the ingredients of HS2, saposhnikovia and notopterygium root have the effect of perspiration. Baikal skullcap root, herba artemisiae capillaries and glycyrrhiza uralensis contribute to heat clearing. Atractylodes lancea and atractylodes macrocephala koidz are beneficial to the removal of dampness. Therefore, HS2 has the effect of reliving obsessions caused by moist skin diseases, hair loss and is particularly effective in treating skin diseases of pets.

Direction of use:
To be taken orally by mixing with pet food

Recommend daily dosage:
1 tablet for every 3kg body weight
(After the situation of skin and hair achieving satisfactory effect, switch to use HS3 in order to achieve a long-term skin health protection and reduce the probability of recurrence of skin diseases.)

There is no contraindication with HS2, and it is suitable for pets at all ages.

500mg x 100 tablets per bottle


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